Currently, our technical expertise focuses primarily on the generation, manipulation, and detection of light – the photon life-cycle.  More specifically, we offer expertise in:

  • Lasers:
    • Fiber, DPSS, Semiconductor
    • CW, Gain-Switched, Q-Switched, Mode-locked
    • UV, Visible, NIR
  • Optics:
    • Refractive, Reflective, Diffractive, Fiber/Waveguide
  • Nonlinear Optics:
    • Fiber, Bulk Crystals
    • SHG, THG, SFG, DFG
  • Integrated Photonics:
    • Silicon, Silicon Oxy-Nitride
    • Grating Couplers, Waveguides, Multi-Mode & Evanescent Splitters
  • Semiconductor Devices & Processes:
    • Silicon, III-V's
    • Photodiodes, Focal Plane Arrays
  • Opto-mechanics
  • Opto-electronics
  • Electronics
  • Physics
  • Modeling & Simulation:
    • Split-step, FDTD, Finite Element
  • Software:
    • Java, Python, MATLAB
    • Hardware Automation

Business & Startup

Additionally, our experience spans multiple technical startups, from founding to Series D, giving us real-world expertise in:

  • Building & Leading Teams
  • Strategy
  • Grants:
  • Intellectual Property
  • Program Management
  • Manufacturing

If you want to leverage our experience for your own endeavor, we can help you.

Small BusinessES 

While we will work with clients of all types, we think our approach is particularly suited for small, growing businesses that have great potential but may have different needs than a larger client.  We think significant opportunities with small business clients are being overlooked.