OUr Value Proposition

Two things set us apart.

The first is that we are more than technical consultants.  We are experienced high-tech entrepreneurs. Of course we have our deep technical specialties, but we bring more:

  • Broad technical and business expertise, from wearing many startup hats
  • Aggressive, relentless, action-oriented approach
  • Ability to manage risk and uncertainty
  • Instincts to do more with less

All of this comes from our real-world experience.

The second is our hyper-flexible engagement structure.  We work to match our engagement to your needs and resources by allowing:

  • More range and depth of engagement - from traditional consulting to virtual full-time employment, or anything in between
  • All manner and mix of compensation arrangements (hourly, milestone, retainer, contingency, equity, etc.).
  • Adaptable arrangements as conditions change with time

We take this approach in order to maximize flexibility and align our incentives with you.  We believe this approach achieves the best results for everyone.